Outdoor Pool Access

Ocean Ridge Plantation Pool
Community Pool

Under the Covid-19 NC Phase II Executive order, the number of people in and around the Ocean Ridge Plantation pool deck has been restricted.  We recognize this creates a challenge with the anticipated increase in attendees at the pool over this holiday weekend.  There is an attendant at the outdoor pool monitoring the number of pool attendees and sanitizing high touch areas, chairs, and tables between each usage.  Please be aware that our indoor pool, outside tot pool, and spa are closed. 

Maximum number of users around the pool is 80
Maximum number in the pool is 40

There are 80 chairs/lounges on the pool deck, and we ask that if you are not using all the chairs around your table that you put them aside so others may use them.  Should we reach the maximum number of persons allowed, the pool attendant will request anyone arriving at the pool come back at a later time. 
The following guidelines are to be followed: 

  • Pool chairs, lounges, and tables cannot be reserved.  The pool furniture is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Should the pool be at maximum attendance we ask that you consider limiting your stay to three hours to allow others the opportunity to use the pool.
  • Should you go home at lunch or leave to go elsewhere, please take your belongings with you. 
  • Pool toys and floats are not to be left unattended in or around the pool.
  • Please observe the recommended 6-foot social distancing both in and out of the pool.
  • This is also a reminder that glass containers and bottles are strictly prohibited within the pool gates.