Pickleball / Tennis Court Usage, Reservations, and Rules Update

Occupancy Limits

The maximum number of people allowed within the Tennis/Pickleball enclosure is 25, per COVID-19 Phase II regulations. Those waiting for an available slot must wait outside the enclosure and are encouraged to practice proper social distancing. If you choose to wait within the pool enclosure be cognizant that your presence there is counted toward the pool enclosure occupancy limits.

Reservations and Organized Play

  • Effective immediately, the 48-hour reservation requirement is rescinded.
  • Organized Pickleball play is held during specific days and times of the week and is open to all property owners. Scheduled times can be found on the ORMA calendar on the NABR website.
  • Reservations outside of organized play are not required, however courts may be reserved outside of the organized play times by submitting a request via www.orma.nabrnetwork.com.
    • Reservations have priority over walk-on play. Players without reservations must surrender the court to those with a reservation at the allotted time.
    • No one individual may reserve two courts consecutively. Playing on a court constitutes having that court reserved, (i.e. Jones may not play Smith’s court at 10:00 AM and have a court reserved in his/her name at 11:00 AM).
    • If players are waiting, reservations are not held for late arrivals.
    • Court time is limited to one hour if other players are waiting. Players may extend their reserved court time if other players are not waiting to use their court.
    • ORMA reserves the right to require reservations at any time in the future.

General Court Rules

  • Access to the outdoor pool is through the gate on the left side of the main entrance of the Plantation Club
  • Automatic timers allow players to control lighting in evening hours. The last player to leave should turn the lights off manually when exiting courts area.
  • All players must be appropriately attired in garments and footwear designed specifically as pickleball/tennis wear. Shirts are required.
  • Good sportsmanship and proper etiquette must be observed.
    • Excessive noise, racquet throwing, or profanity is not permitted.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in the tennis / pickleball court enclosure.
  • All courts are subject to closing without notice for maintenance, repairs, or other reasons.
  • Play on a closed court is not permitted.
  • Playing tennis or pickle ball during inclement weather is not recommended.
    • No safety procedures or storm warning systems are utilized.
    • Players assume responsibility for their own safety and assume all risks.